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l Chase Young Fans Unite! l [entries|friends|calendar]
Chase Young Fans Unite!

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Hey community! [December 11 2008]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Great_Wolf under a different user name (long story, don't ask) and I just wanted to say hello once again.



I'm still a huge Chase fan and I'm hoping there are some Chase icons I can yoink for my insane journal or something like that.


So, hi again!  *wave*

hang on to the glory at my right hand

Fanfiction [August 30 2008]

Title: Age Old Question With No Answers
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Summery: Chase Young questions his existence while he spies on the xiaolin monks.
hang on to the glory at my right hand

Community RP Suggestion [February 21 2008]

[ mood | curious ]

More information on RP community.Collapse )

hang on to the glory at my right hand

Hello! [January 22 2007]

New to the community, but not to Chase... (how cliche...)

Loved Chase when I first heard his voice and spazzed over the fact it was Jason Marsden...THACKERY...

My favorite Chase line would have to be:

Omi-Cat: Sparrow eating Hotdog!
Chase: ..... Sparrow eating Hotdog?
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[November 29 2006]


im_unloved has kindly let me scan these XS stuff in to post here, so enjoy XD She drew them, not me!

Chase and Pencil DoodlesCollapse )
5 : hang on to the glory at my right hand

Colorbarrrrrrs! [October 25 2006]

3 Chase Young Colorbars, and I also have 2 Jack Spicer ones. I'm happier with the Chase ones though. The Spicer ones aren't TOO good... his hair was a pain in the ass. So it looks weird in some places. Jack Spicer and Chase Young are Xiaolin Showdown characters and thus belong to Christy Hui.

Two Chack ones coming, and two more Jack ones too!</b>

Please credit. Do not remove the by lepidoctor from the bars. However, you are free to replace the caption with anything you like. :D

Tweaked the yellow on the Pissed Chase 'bar.

I also have other colorbars I made in the past... follow the Jack icon!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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Hello! [October 19 2006]

[ mood | *pulls james brown face* ]

New here! But I come bearing a gift.

I didn't draw this, my friend im_unloved did. But don't tell her I posted this! She didn't want me to scan and post this because it's (one of) her first times drawing Chase and she kept going on about what she didn't do right but I think it's wunderbar. XD

There's a second picture in the process of being inked, and it's, frankly, hotter than this. XD

She is so going to beat me to death if she finds out I scanned and posted this here. Hopefully she never comes here XD

*nosebleed*Collapse )

That's Jack at the corner with an exasperated Jackbot btw. Lol.

Remember - Sssh! Don't tell her! Haha.

. Kremlin

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Chase Young Fetish [August 1 2006]

Hello there, fellow Chase-lovers! I did watch and enjoy the show before Chase, but burned with unending desire/madness for the lovely fellow whence he came upon the scene. Doubt I'll write any fics, but I have been known to make a wall or two. Oh, what have we here? *checks her sleeve* Nothing in that one....*checks other sleeve* Right! Here we go!

1280x1024 | 1280x960 | 1024x768 | 800x600

Vectored a screencap of him in Flash, then drew the clouds. Tried to keep 'em Showdown style. Enjoy! (And I totally take suggestions for improvement). Perhaps I should also crosspost this to the main community..
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WootZor! [August 1 2006]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I made a small offering in the form of a Chase avatar!

FrecklesCollapse )

the image was taken from PinkHedgehog on Deviantart (with permission sillies!)
credit is appreciated
and comments are especially appreciated!

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Icons!!! [July 25 2006]

[ mood | creative ]

3X Chase Young
3X Wuya
1X Chase/Wuya
1X Chase/Hannibal
2X Hannibal Bean
2X Jack (one is just a re-colour)
1X Omi, Master Fung, Kimiko.

Follow me... Collapse )

X Posted to : chaseyoung_fans, jackspicer_fans, we_love_wuya, xiaolinicons.


1 : hang on to the glory at my right hand

Good!Chase [July 24 2006]

So, here's a question: What happened if CXhase entered the Yin-Yang World and came out with holding only on yo-yo? Would he be like the Chase we saw in "Time After Time", or something else? Considering that the Chase in TAT was actually contemmplating drinking the Lau Mang Long soup (hell, he did, for all intents and purposes), then I don't think he could really be said to be "good"... So, what would Good!Chase be like?
2 : hang on to the glory at my right hand

[July 23 2006]

[ mood | annoyed ]

First-time poster.  Long time Chase-atic.  

I want to discuss Chase Young.   The one mostly everyone falls deeply in love with...but not in a hyperactive fangirly way...


Because I am bored out of my bloody mind...



6 : hang on to the glory at my right hand

8D XS Icons! [July 9 2006]

I bear my first batch of XS Icons!!

[1] Group
[2] Evil Jack
[3] Good Jack
[2] Chack (Chase/Jack)
[1] Katnappe


Jack's EMO and CUTS himself 8)Collapse )


Comment and credit if taking 8) Merci.
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XS Gallery Update [June 25 2006]

[ mood | creative ]

Hello all!

Just a note to say I have updated my gallery with 80 pictures from 3:11 (The Revenge Of Hannibal Roy Bean) today! Lots of Jack, Chase, Wuya and Hannibal!

The gallery can be found here!

X posted to we_love_wuya, jackspicer_fans, chaseyoung_fans and xiaolinicons.


hang on to the glory at my right hand

Fan Art [May 7 2006]

Fan Art of Chase Young, hand drawn, colored in photoshop and opencanvas.

I thought I'd share this now that it's finally done!

I have other fan art at my DA site, http://lady-cybercat.deviantart.com

Hope ya'll enjoy it!

1 : hang on to the glory at my right hand

[April 8 2006]


The Butterfly Effect is actually a humor story, I think. I was trying to be funny while writing it but kind of lost the inspiration. But hey, it involves butterflies. And who doesn't like butterflies? Aside from Chase. I mean, clearly he would never involve himself with butterflies. Even the summary says so:

Semiomniscient draconic villains do not associate with butterflies. Ever.

He's gonna deck me if he finds this. With his claws. D:
2 : hang on to the glory at my right hand

[April 1 2006]

Despite all my attempts to stop myself, I wrote another Chase Young-based fanfic.

Elegance is an attempt to make out what in the nine hells drove Chase to make the vast majority of his Evil Lair white. And reinforce the idea that he's a total narcissist. The summary:

He just couldn't stand the thought of sheer, unorganized chaos.

I'm probably wrong on /all/ accounts of this, but fanfiction tends to do that. A lot.
1 : hang on to the glory at my right hand

[March 30 2006]

[ mood | sleepy ]

*Tebigongs herself* Don't worry, this community isn't dead. yet. Anywho, I hope you guys have been doing well.

To all the Chase fans in the UK, if you have screenshots of both episodes of "Time After Time", please feel free to post up links and whatnot.

I appologize for not updating. I've been busy on mostly DeviantART (I'm Yamiryu BTW)and if there's something you want to talk to me about, please feel free to send me a note or a comment.

3 : hang on to the glory at my right hand

[March 30 2006]

Despite the fact that this community seems slightly dead, I thought I might join and bask in the glory that is Ultimate Evil love anyway.

And to advertise the fact that I've written a fic. AREN'T I SPECIAL :D :D :D

Vanity, a possible and extremely short mental soundtrack of Chase just before he turned into the psychotic love we all know and adore. Its summary:

He didn't regret accepting the red demon's offer. Not once.

Personally, I think he'd want to kill me for writing this. I kind of make him out to be an indecisive wuss.
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Corncerning the ep which aired in the UK today. [March 14 2006]

[ mood | amused ]

Wow-wow-wow o_o

Does anyone else agree they don't have a problem with Jack becoming Evil Emperor of the world in the future because DAY-UM I never thought we'd ever get to see Chase in his Undies like that otherwise.

Also if anyone has caps from this episode, I'll love you forever, Seriously.


5 : hang on to the glory at my right hand

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