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First-time poster.  Long time Chase-atic.  

I want to discuss Chase Young.   The one mostly everyone falls deeply in love with...but not in a hyperactive fangirly way...


Because I am bored out of my bloody mind...



Honorable, curt and ability-hungry. That is the character that we know as Chase Young.

His character, if noted is toned-down plenty because he hardly ever changes moods and perhaps the ‘happiest’ I have seen him was when Omi joined his side. It was unsettling to witness that…but I digress, Chase is a delight to see because there are angles that are explored and explained.

Angles, angles and more angles. Chase is all angles and puzzles. At the beginning of his appearance, he seemed like a typical villain…Cold, powerful and calculating, but further on, he helps Omi in his escapades (though not for good reasons) and helps him grow as person in small degrees. Then we learn that he used to run around with Guan and then Dashi which makes us see him in a new view. It’s a whole new view that featured a younger more malleable Chase, who is tricked by Hannibal Roy Bean.

Still, that does not make things anymore different and I do not believe that Chase Young was completely hoodwinked by Bean. Chase was in fact, hungry for power and wanted whole new skills and therefore, he accepted Bean’s offer. Omi’s interference did not do anything to change it if you examine it more closely because he only managed to change the soup which only made Chase angry at being ‘mocked’. He would have taken up the offer if the soup was indeed genuine.

The Time After Time episode was only used as a vehicle for announcing Raimundo’s rise to Shoku Warrior, but we gained knowledge from that episode and saw the Chase of past. A Chase that was far more different then his older self, yet his personality basically stays the same in the current timeline. A person may change over time, but the basics of principles and mannerisms are still there and linger there. The example of that is that he stays true to his word despite all that he has to gain if he cheats. That is what Chase symbolizes to me. That a person still has the same principles as before when they were younger. The basics are just…hidden or denied.

That is what I strive to do when I write his character; I want to show the Chase that we know now, but with less noticeable traits unhidden to a degree. I want him to remain the same as he was created, but I want to understand hidden angles-Chase- better. So I must twist and turn and focus on hidden attributes and perhaps someday Chase will not be so difficult to understand. He is just a blueprint that needs to be filled in.

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