l Chase Young Fans Unite! l

Chase Young Fans Unite!
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Welcome Chase Young Fans!
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(Many thanks to TamerTerra for the screenshot)

You've just now come across the Official Chase Young Fan Community on LiveJournal. Pity to those who've never heard of one the most cunning (and sexy) villians of the cartoon show, Xiaolin Showdown on Kids WB. Even though he has no soul and we have no idea how old he really is, it's more than enough to win the hearts of MANY fans.

Chase Young is Ultimate Evil Love

Credit to donkeykongsong

Chase Young is ebil hot bishie love by amelia_124
Credit to rubianca_tester.

Chase Young: Synonymous with Evil, Darkness, and Bishie

by lepidoctor

Being an evil overlord doesn't mean you can't have a great smile

by lepidoctor

Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon

by lepidoctor

Don't believe me, you say? Well, just go down to the main Xiaolin Showdown Community and see for yourself!

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Feel free to join in! Fanart, Fanfiction, rants, icons, anything Chase Young-related is welcome. Just remember to add any warnings (slash, non-work safe, etc.) when necessary.

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